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What to look for in a Creative Agency

We have many clients that come directly to us, which means between us we have

experience of many industries. We also work with people who have clients of their own, so they bring in a combination of jobs such as football annuals, annual reports, catalogues,exhibition work and more.

This means our reach widens further. If you are looking for an agency that offers out of the box thinking when it comes to your projects, then don’t choose a niche agency, designer or copywriter. They might be blinded by what is happening in the industry currently, and quite frankly when it comes to marketing materials, who wants to look like their competition?

Because we work across many industries we can apply the logic of what is happening in

marketing to your projects. Our design service is second to none and can flex to the

requirements of your business, small or large.

As both of us started working as freelancers, we both agreed that we would offer honest

opinions to our clients and we would work with businesses of all sizes. Our operations are

not limited to the UK as we have clients in various places around the world too.

It gives us an objective view of how businesses conduct their marketing activity and this

means we can offer advice on best practice.

As Spott Creative is growing we also have a few more freelance designers on the team to

cope with the volume of work coming through.

Working with a creative agency should be smooth. Communication is key as is budget

setting. From the outset everyone knows the boundaries. If what you are proposing may not be as visually appealing as you may think, we can help guide you to some awesome design.

So whether you are looking for a new website, content creative or a graphic designer to

work on your offline and online marketing, take the first step and drop us a line.

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